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moggodogs's Journal

Moggodogs - It's the Mutts Nuts!
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Welcome to Moggodogs Live Journal!
This community is part of the Moggodogs website (which will soon be up and running!)
Our aim is to have a website full of resources for crafters and DIY'ers, and a place to meet like-minded people and make friends!
Post your own projects, ideas, reviews, tutorials or questions to get help or ideas for your latest project. And you may also appear on the website!
We hope to cover, Papercrafts, scrapbooking, Knitting, DIY customised clothing, Jewellery Making, Card Making, Photography, and even Digital art, plus much much more!
If your arty, this is the community for you!
The main thing is that you enjoy yourself and maybe even learn some new skills!

Our current mods are;
operation_filth User Info
__persephone User Info
killpanic User Info

Who's Holly?! Holly is my Border Collie, whos as mad as a bag of snakes. You can see a pic of her here she looks a bit of a porker there though xD

Just a few rules to make this community as enjoyable as possible;
  DO NOT harrass, bully or be nasty to people on this community, it will NOT be tolerated.
   DO NOT steal icons/pictures/graphics etc. If you like what you see, ASK if you can take it.
   If you see a tutorial, or design on this community, it would be lovely if you gave credit where credit is due. If you make something with a tutorial or design from this community, tell people where you got the idea from!
   Please keep images in posts to the reasonable size of 300 x 300 Pixels. Please use the lj-cut tag for larger pictures!
   If you wish to advertise a related community on here, please ask one of the mods first if its ok. We are more than happy to advertise a community if you advertise ours too!
The mods for this community can be found in the about section above.
   When posting a tutorial please use the following form;

What is it? tell us what it is!! Clothing? Home Decor? Accessories? Gifts? etc.
What level of experiance? beginner?, intermediate? advanced? easy? ok? hard? Let us know!
Items Needed We need to know what we need to use!!
Time taken How long will the project take us? Dont worry if you dont know, its not too important!
Cost How much will the project cost to make? Again dont worry if you dont know!

Try and use tags whenever possible, as it helps us find projects and build the memories!
   Please make all posts friends only!
   Enjoy yourself =D

  Useful Links comming soon!  

If you would like your link to appear here, contact one of the mods!

If you would like to link to us, please use the banner which can be found here YOU MUST UPLOAD THIS IMAGE TO YOUR OWN SERVER!!! If you hotlink, you may find yourself getting unpleasent images!
You can use the following code;

<center><a href="http://community.livejournal.com/moggodogs/profile"><img src="YOUR LOCATION OF IMAGE HERE" border="0"></a>

<a href="http://www.livejournal.com/community/join.bml?comm=moggodogs">Click here to Join!</a></center>

Many thanks to carriep63 at carriep63_stuff for the wonderful layout!
All graphics and User Info layout © operation_filth (me) with the exception of the brushes, which were made by @ deviant art.
If I have missed anyone out, please forgive me and drop me a email!
Support these people by visiting their sites!